August 1, 2018 - Christin Bryk, landscape designer from Mountain View Landscaping, will present ideas for a pet-friendly landscape.
September 5, 2018 - Ronnie Budge, Harvesting Tips (Also sald potluck)
 October 3, 2018 - Robin McKenzie, Planning a butterfly garden
 November 7, 2018 - Joan LeMera, LeMera Flower Gardens - putting flowers to bed
 December 5, 2018 - Annual Holiday Potluck and Musical Group to be announced
 January 2 or 9, 2019 - Karen Ramsey, What to look for when taking pictures for the photo contest
 February 6, 2019 - Max Bennett, Wildfie Risk Reduction
 March 6, 2019 - Myrl Bishop, Chinese Gardens
 April 3, 2019 - Agenda from our President:  At the April meeting we will have a Hug-A-Bug presentation, some information from a local soil vendor, our annual photo contest, and more Plant Sale information from CarolAnne and Mike.  We will also be voting on whether to incorporate the club (more info on that later).  In addition, we need to choose 2 delegates to the district meeting.  We'll talk about the state convention and start thinking about 2 Life Members to be nominated in May.  And, Joan and Sandy will answer all your questions about anything!  And, I believe we have a tool tip and possibly a raffle.  It's going to be a busy day!
 May 1, 2019 - Rosenelle Florencechild, Growing lavender gardens
 June 5, 2019 - Installation of Officers and Potluck
 July 3 or 10, 2019 - Sherri Morgan (tentative), Landscape Designer
 August 7, 2019 - Preparation for the Josephine County Fair
 September 4, 2019 - To be announced, Digging and dividing bulbs
 October 2, 2019 - Sandy Hammond (tentative)